Draft your LoL fantasy team

Draft your LoL fantasy team
With aggressive play, which most often happens with Calista, it is necessary to purchase the most important artefacts that will be needed. This is a health potion and Doran's blade. They will give health recovery during battle and a bonus to physical attack.
When choosing artifacts, it is worth considering the fact that Calista can immediately play aggressively and is a very strong hero from the very beginning. Therefore, in order to deal good damage, it is necessary to purchase two artifacts. This is the "Blade of the Fallen King", which gives 40 units to a physical attack and increases the attack speed by 25%. And the artifact "Hurricane Runaan", which increases the attack speed. These artifacts will be enough for a full-fledged battle. Another artifact that is also worth buying is the Ginsu Rage blade, which will increase the strength of skills, physical attack by 25 units. A good artifact, but the downside is that this artifact is expensive and not every player will be able to afford it.
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The acquisition of artifacts will largely depend on the artifacts that your opponents buy. Your choice will depend on what they have in stock.
Now it's worth looking at the final version of the assembly.
Berserker Knee Pads
The Blade of the Fallen King
Hurricane Runaan
The bloodsucker
Mercury Scimitar
Guardian Angel
This is an almost perfect selection of artifacts that will help in any battle. With these artifacts, Calista will become strong and practically invulnerable.

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